Clutter Causes Stress.

That's why I always say...

 "If everything has a home, yours will be much happier". 

This is a major point of contention for millions of Americans every year.

According to data compiled by NAPO: 

The most common reasons why people struggle with getting organized are:

1 - Overwhelmed with having so many belongings

2 - Difficulty discarding belongings

3 - They do not have enough time to deal with these belongings

82% of participants said their quality of life would be better if they were more organized. 


When you contact me for a consultation we will discuss your needs, challenges, goals & timeline. 

We start with a phone, E-mail, FaceTime or Skype consultation. During which time, I will ask 

questions that deal with your frustrations & vision for a well organized home/life.

I may also ask for photos of the space during this time. 

After that I will determine if an in-home consult is appropriate to fully assess your needs. 

After we complete your FREE consultation I will give you a general idea

of what can be accomplished, the anticipated time frame and estimated price quote.


Once you commit & make a deposit to schedule a session we will begin the work of 

gathering all organizing materials so we can get started as quickly as possible to

execute a custom plan of action that meets your specific needs. 


If you need to re-schedule a session we kindly ask that you contact us at least 48 hours

prior in order to give you a new time slot & to ensure you do not loose your deposit.


If you decide not to use our services & cancel a booked session, we can not refund the deposit.


Yes and No. 

Since we are dealing with your personal belongings I will need your guidance,

but the level of participation is totally up to you.

 When working side by side, you determine what stays & what goes, while I do

the rest and teach you how to organize & effortlessly maintain the new set-up.

If you don’t have the time or desire to work side by side I can handle the job with

very little guidance from you. We spend time together in the beginning of each session

to establish what stays and what goes. While organizing, I put aside what should be purged, but you ultimately make the final decision at the end of the day. 

Either way, we do a full walk through at the end of the project to ensure you are happy

with your space and that it functions as you need it to.


I provide the following basic organizing items when needed: 

White labels

File folders (up to 1 box) 

Small plastic trays (up to 4)

Command hooks (up to 4)

If additional organizing items are needed, I can shop for you OR you can

purchase the necessary items on your own. 

Any discounts I receive as an industry professional will be passed along to you.

The Container Store, Office Depot, 1800.GotJunk, Shelf Genie etc.  

I try to keep a variety of organizing items on hand so you can purchase them

directly from me on the spot, eliminating the added cost & time for shopping. 

(This option may not be available at all times.)


 When organizing files & personal information I take your privacy seriously. 

Sensitive documents meant for the garbage are shredded before being

discarded(If it’s a small amount). If you have to discard large piles of paper I

recommend using professional shredding services(like Staples etc).  For a small

added fee, I can take large piles for shredding to the professionals for you. 

I follow a strict code of ethics set forth by the

National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals.

Personal information is never discussed with anyone other than the client.


It’s important to make the most of what is purged because you probably spent your

hard earned money on it. I focus on purging options that have a minimal impact

on landfills, help others & put money back in your pocket. I have an entire page

dedicated to this topic. Please see the "Purge" tab.


Afterward we work with you to create long term, easy to manage strategies that will

keep you organized for years to come. My ultimate goal is to make organizing so effort-less

that eventually you will not need me. However, if you hate to organize or don't have the

time for it I can provide maintenance with regularly scheduled sessions to tidy up. 


 Free consultation to assess your needs.

We use Skype/Facetime to communicate and virtually work together side by side. 

You will receive a plan of action with clear step by step tasks to get organized.

This includes product recommendations (if needed) based on your budget. 

Before we get started you will use the personalized guide to purge and categorize items.

We work together during a 1 hour virtual session where I walk you through

the major tasks at hand to set up an efficient and well organized space. 

Once you have finished organizing we have another 30 minute session

to review & see if improvements are needed and discuss long term habits to ensure success. 

 Nicole@HHO.NYC  |  917.703.7736

Servicing: NYC & Long Island

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