Room by Room


 PLAY & CRAFT ROOMS  |  OFFICE  |  LAUNDRY  |  GARAGE  |  BASEMENT  |  ATTIC & MORE have finally seen the light & decided to seek out a Professional Organizer. 

 With HHO's 7 step process you will be freed from your stuff & have more time to do what you love.

Let us help you get a handle on the clutter.

We offer room by room organizing, top to bottom de-cluttering, virtual organizing
specialized packages to help you through life's most precious times. 


Welcome home Baby!

When a new Baby enters the home it's the most beautiful thing in the world & requires your full attention. 

You need clutter free spaces & organized systems in order to have quick access to everyday items. We organize all areas of the home so you can focus on being a new parent.

Super Organized Mom (&Dad)

As a parent of toddlers & school aged kids, there are times when you might feel overwhelmed & can't keep up with the demands of work, life & family.

This service streamlines all your tasks and gets you on track by organizing and simplifying your life. Less is more!

Enjoy your new home right away.

Don't stress about trying to keep it all

together while unpacking. 


Let us do it for you.

This package aims to get you unpacked in a systematic, efficient & strategically organized way with minimal disruption to your daily life.  

Welcome Home
Unpacking & Organizing

Selling your Home  First impressions are everything

Get the most from the sale of your home

with our de-cluttering & decorating service.

Using the best of what you already own,

coupled with a few new key pieces &

light organizing to create a clean slate

that appeals to all buyers. 

Downsizing or small
space living

Transitioning to a smaller space or thinking

about living with less? We help you determine what stays and what goes. Keeping things

that are meaningful, useful & that bring you joy.

Then we set-up & organize your home so it

can be easily maintained with very little effort.

      Your lost loved         one's possessions 

When you're ready to deal with your loved

one's belongings, you can look to us for assistance & compassion every step of the way.

All items will be handled with the utmost

respect according to your wishes. 

When we are done let us help you create a beautiful memory book or keepsake chest

with a few treasured belonging.

HHO's 7 step process will bring you organizational bliss

1. Identify the Problem: What spaces in your home are cluttered, bring you stress & slow you down?  

2. Create Solutions: Customized plan tailored to your needs according to how you use the space & the items in it.     

3. De-clutter: Select items to get rid of that are not useful, do not bring you joy or have a meaningful purpose and that get in the way. 


4. TLC: Surface areas will get a little TLC with light dusting & wipe down using Eco-friendly products.


5. Organize: Everything you own will be given a specific home. Strategically set up and easily accessible for regular use. Your new space will be compact, efficient & neat. You’ll never ask yourself "Where did that go" or create a mess getting to the items you need. Cleaning up and putting items away will be a breeze.


6. Maintenance: You will receive a personalized guide with simple tips on how to maintain your new space with very little effort.

7. Purge:  Removal of most unwanted items. We have many eco-friendly disposal options & some will even give you money back.

If everything has a home, yours will be much happier.

  Contact us for a FREE consultation    Nicole@HHO.NYC  |  917.703.7736


Servicing: NYC & Long Island

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