Purging is an essential part of organizing.          

We take great care in finding new homes

for most of your unwanted items, taking the environment & your wallet into consideration.

That's why basic purge removal is included with all services. 



Sell: You can make a lot of money from unwanted items if they are in good condition. If you decide to sell purged items online with sites like Ebay, etc. we will take basic photos of these items so you can list them for sale (up to 15 items)If you choose to go a different route and have a Garage sale, we will supply the flyers (BK&WH,up to 20 flyers)

Consignment: We can arrange for your in-demand items to be sent to an online consignment service like Thredup.com. Most offer cash or store credit. 

Donate: We drop-off or arrange for a pick-up with a local charity.

These donations make you eligible for personal TAX DEDUCTIONS, help others

and keep items out of landfills. All items are donated in your name so you can

reap the rewards during tax time. 

Shredding: We handle your personal information with strict confidentiality and recommend shredding important documents. We provide in home shredding

for small amounts of paper. Anything bulkier can be taken to a professional

shredding service like Staples for an additional fee. 

Recycle: Cardboard, Paper, Glass & Plastic will be separated for easy disposal

in your trash.  

Small Electronics & Batteries: If these items require special handling & can not be thrown out with regular trash, we will bring them to a local retailer that offers free recycling. 

Specialty item disposal: We do not handle the disposal of any non-standard items like: Oil, scrap metal, car batteries, large appliances/furniture or items not accepted by donation facilities or your local Sanitation department. 

While we are more than happy to help you dispose of most purged items, please keep in mind we are not a purge removal company. Therefore, the qty and volume we can handle is limited. We will make every reasonable effort to remove most purged items that can be hand carried and require one trip to designated drop-off locations. 

If additional purge removal is needed beyond our abilities, we will be glad to assist clients and pass along our industry discount to 1800-GOTJUNK  

Before removing any purged items, I require the client to do a last review, just to be sure you are comfortable parting with any unwanted things.  

Nicole@HHO.NYC  |  917.703.7736

Servicing: NYC & Long Island

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